The experience, the passion and the modern  technological production unit of "Serraiki Distillery OE" Konstantinidis - Hatzihristakis ", offer the best result in the market... the "Ouzo 5 "! The blending that is made during the boiling of anise, spirits, and water,  rises intense smells and memories of the past. The resulting distillate stands out for its exceptional quality and outstanding taste, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

The Greek Code of Food and Beverage is stricly applies  in every step of the production, packaging,  dispatch and distribution of the alcoholic beverages produced by the company. Hygienic rules are also adhered to and verified and certified raw materials are always used. All of the above proves that it is made with care and love, it always has a response to the world, who has continued to show his preference for years.

How the classic ouzo is prepared and what is the difference from the spirits

Ouzo is classified as alcoholic beverage with anthol aroma. Such an aroma give the anise, the fennel and the asteroid anise (bantiana). Other aromatic plant parts, such as seeds, herbs, and various roots, are also used to flavor ouzo. In ouzo 5 the flavoring is obtained by distilling the essential oils and star anise seeds in a solution of water and alcohol. The alcohol, seeds and essential oils are left to stand in hand-made copper stills (alembics) for many hours and then the mixture is carefully distilled. The "heart of the heart", the highest and most delicious part of the distillate, is separated from the distillation. After distillation we keep it for several months to calm and allow the  ingredients to blend together. Before the distillate reaches the bottle, it is diluted with soft water, and descend to 42 degrees (alcoholic strength). This is how the 5 (black) 100% distillate is prepared. A sugar-free (or other sweeteners) but sweet in taste, distillate, that you can drink it without water or ice!

The classic 5 (blue) is made by blending 20% of distillate, alcohol, essential oils of anise and soft water, which has 40 degrees alcoholic strength.





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