For the glass of ouzo exist many opinions. The prevailing and the best opinion in our region, says that you should drink the ouzo Pentari in short glass with relatively big opening on the verge.
The ouzo is a strong alcoholic drink, that means that you should drink it slowly and methodically. The short glass covers sufficiently this need precisely.

However the "philosophy " of ouzo is completely different from that of the countries of mass amusement. Despite the changes that have befallen in the Greek society, it remains a product that maintains its popular profile. You can't find it in luxurious lounges and in the bars.
You can drink the ouzo with company and sincere disposal for communication.
For the "lovers " of ouzo, the ouzo is a way of life.

The intense content of ouzo in alcohol and its extraordinary aggressive flavour, need flavours opposite and equivalent. The gustative balance between the ouzo and the titbits is achieved in a extreme point of intensity, where the vinegar and the salt, with the pickles and pastry have the main role.
Similar opposition can be achieved with the seafoods and the octopus, the salty foods and "hot" cheeses, taramosalata. You can combine it with tzatziki, garlic sauce or pepper.
In the table of ouzo the titbits are few and renewable, but their variety is satisfactory.
You should drink the ouzo slowly, with pauses and discreet movements.


The old people of Serres use this Turkish word for the conversation when they drink ouzo.
When they drink ouzo, it is the time of attendance and companionship. The companions, under the influence of alcohol, acquire a disposal of facetiousness that releases the senses and the disposal for human communication. People don't discuss serious subjects in the "hour of ouzo", they simply record makes and summarise experiences.
You never enjoy the ouzo looking at your clock. The potation of ouzo requires long duration and naturally "availability". For this precisely, the ouzo constitutes the better "antidote" for anxious and particularly frenetic rhythms of everyday routine. It restores, substantially, the need of human contact and repositions the time in its real dimension. The ouzo was, is and will be the "resistance" of Greek in the sterile rationalism of our season.


The temperature of consumption of ouzo, as all alcoholic drinks with intense perfume, it should not be in high level. For this reason we add ice or cold water in order to lower its temperature.

The addition of water in ouzo adds the milky characteristic colour that constitutes one of its most beloved distinctiveness. As long as more "thick" it is the "emulsion", so much more rich in perfume and in flavour is the ouzo.

The majority, at least of consumers of Serres, gets used to drink the ouzo with water or ice, however, exist enough fanatic drinkers of ouzo that they prefer it undiluted winter - summertime, considering that they can enjoy it only with this way.








Meatballs with ouzo

Ingredients: half a pound of mince meat of your choice, an onion, bread, pepper, salt- pepper and ouzo.

Directions:  mix all the ingredients together and make them as small balls. Fry the meatballs or bake them on the grill. Ouzo gives a flavor so delicious that you will not forget it!

Cookies with ouzo

Ingredients: 250gr butter, 1 small cup of ouzo, 1 small cup of olive oli, ¾ of cup sugar, 1 small packet of baking powder , 1 ½  white sesame seeds  (baked in the oven to change color) and flour as long as it needs to make a soft dough.

Instructions: We beat the butter with sugar to become meringue. Add the remaining ingredients and knead to make the dough soft. Pass the dough through a cone for cookies and bake them in a preheated oven on baking paper as much as they get color.



Lamb chops with ouzo

Ingredients: 4 large lamp chopsticks about 1kg, 1 clove of garlic, ¼ teaspoon Pepper, ½ teaspoon Salt, 2 tsp Olive oil, 50 ml ouzo

Directions: Cut the garlic in the middle and rub the meat with it on both sides. Add salt and pepper Heat the oil and roast the chopsticks on both sides. Heat the ouzo in a tall pot. Light it with fire and burn it. Put it right on the chopsticks and let it burn out. Serve immediately.

Duration: 10 minutes preparation & 20 minutes cooking

Mushrooms with ouzo

Ingredients: 1 bowl of mushrooms, ½ bunch of fennel finely chopped, 1 cup of ouzo, 2-3 tsp. olive oil

Directions: Sauté the mushrooms in a frying pan with the olive oil.
After a while, add the fennel and salt-pepper. Stir carefully and add the ouzo by lighting the pan and lifting it out of the fire. We turn off before we burn the mushrooms.

Ideal accompaniment with shrimp grills and Arabic pies.












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